Government Agency Services

The Nelrod Company and staff have more than 180 years of combined experience providing guidance and technical support in organizational restructuring and business practice re-tooling to help our more than 35,420 local and federal agency, corporate, and small-business clients.

We offer a range of services to meet your operations and management needs, including Facilities & Energy Efficiency Inspections; Public & Section 8 housing consulting and education; and Federal Government technical support services.

Federal Government Services

More than 17 years of excellent federal government contracting experience providing various technical support services – including the operation of national call centers, emergency disaster relief initiatives, education and training program design and implementation; Conference & logistics support and planning; government agency program operations and grant management; as well as energy audits of federal buildings under GSA schedule SIN 871-207.

Public & Assisted Housing Services

More than 27 years of experience providing government assisted housing program consulting and management solutions – including compliant and field tested educational classes, quality assurance protocols, and program operations support, and other technical assistance services.

Service Brands

Leading Utility Allowance Specialists!

Our specialists provide professional Utility Allowance studies to determine reasonable resident tulity costs for federally subsidized housing programs.

Each year our services help ensure more than 900,000 low-income families pay reasonable utility costs.

Energy Audit & Energy Testing Specialists!

Certified Residential and Commerical facilities Energy Auditors provide comprehensive Energy Efficiency Inspections, Testing and Rating services. Our building science professionals recommend cost-effective measures to save on energy costs and provide clients with comfortable and healthy environments.

Why choose us for your required Green Physical Needs Assessment?

Our knowledgeable and certified GPNA experts provide comprehensive planning and capital needs assessment services from start to finish. Get it done faster…Trust our professional staff to assist with your project’s HUD Required Green Physical Needs Assessment.

Certified Energy Testers and Raters
Green Begins with Energy Efficiency ®

Our experts provide energy efficiency inspections, performance testing, ratings, as well as green building consulting services for residential, commercial, and government facilities.

Our clients include homebuilders, developers, building trade organizations, contractors, utility companies, and government agencies across the country.

Reasonable Rent Determinations Done the EZ way!

Our automated solution to the rent reasonableness determination process developed by Rental Market and Compliance experts with more than 32 years of experience. Our experts provide HUD compliant comparability studies, automated analysis services, and on-going technical support to make your job as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Satisfy Your HUD Requirements For Quality Assurance!

The first fully HUD-compliant automated Income and Rent calculation quality assurance system developed by experts to perform federal program compliance audits and quality assurance reviews of tenant files.

Now available to Housing agencies to help reduce required quality control of tenant file reviews from hours to minutes.

Salary and Compensation Studies and Analysis Experts

Developed by experienced Human Resource specialists, AccuWage experts provide our clients with integrated solutions to meet their Organizational Structure, Compensation Analysis, Job Description, and Personnel Policy needs.

Let Our Team Take Care of the Details

Our team of certified planners can help plan your next big event from beginning to end!

With more than 20 years of experience, our professional conference and special event planners can handle every detail – from travel and venue reservations to catering and entertainment booking.

Step by Step Instructions for Learning Housing Regulations

Experienced Housing and Training experts provide multi-faceted educational services to government assisted housing program operations. Our experts take complex regulations and policies and develop easy to follow step by step curriculums to help our clients realize improved performance and compliance.

Helping You Make Sense of Your Paper Files

Need a better way to manage your files? Our document and program compliance experts provide physical document and filing system solutions to federal, state, and local program clients. Our FileSense Document Management System helps simplify and better maintain essential files and supporting documentation.

The Nelrod Consortium

Our dedicated experts apply proven franchise business concepts to help your agency. This approach offers a simplistic service idea – A Partnership of shared resources between public housing agencies and one of the nation’s leaders in public housing technical assistance.

Services include staff education, Technical assistance, and access to our specialized online systems to make your job easier.

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