Public Housing Utility Allowances

Communication with our clients is a high priority as we assist them with the HUD required Annual Review of their current allowances. If there are significant changes in rates and/or consumptions, we assist in the revision of those allowances as well.

A Proven Method to Efficiently and Accurately Develop Utility Allowances for Your Agency

Our goal is to provide accurate utility allowances with minimal effort by the Housing Authority staff.

Data Collection

Data is gathered by our specialits from outside sources. Examples of such data are:

  • Current utility rates and charges for each applicable utility company.
  • Local climatic data.

Minimal assistance or information is usually required from the client.

Assistance is given to a housing agency in gathering pertinent information needed to conduct a new utility allowance study or update current utility allowances. Examples of such items needed are:

  • Supporting documentation from previous development of utility allowances.
  • Utility Allowance Schedule(s)
  • Possibly copy of a monthly residential utility bill for each applicable utility company.
  • Documentation on type of dwelling unit appliances and equipment, to customize criteria for each development and bedroom size for the existing Public Housing units.

Methodology and Data Analysis

Our most common approach is to determine base consumptions by using an engineeringmethodology which utilizes a tested and approved energy software tool. We can also calculate base consumption averages utilizing an historical usagemethodology which utilizes actual/historical consumption usage by your residents. Consumption averages developed by ResidentLife specialists approximate a reasonable consumption by an energy-conservative household of modest circumstances, as per HUD Regulations, and utility allowances are established for each dwelling unit category and unit size.

Our ResidentLife Utility Allowances® database is used to calculate utility allowances by development, structure type, bedroom size and utility. Over 17,000 energy engineering building structure models have been created for our database. The software program utilized to develop these building structure models is HUD compliant. Sources for developing these models include: REM/Rate™ Home Energy Rating software program, Energy Conservation for Housing…A Workbook – 1998, IECC (International Energy Conservation Code) – 2000, Utility Allowance Guidebook – 1998, Calculating Consumptions and Utility Allowances – 1986, Mechanicals – 1992, and PIH Notice 90-8 T.D.C. Different models are created for each possible location and number of stories of the sample unit at each development (example: inside unit, end unit, 1 story, 2 story, top floor, bottom floor, etc.). HUD regulations for Public Housing (CFR §965.505 (e)) do not allow for air conditioningreimbursement. Therefore, our models are built without air conditioning mechanicals or we eliminate air conditioning consumptions from the electric portion of actual usage data.


Our Low-Rent Public Housing proposed Utility Allowances are provided in easy-to-read charts. We also provide a comparison of the Agency’s currently adopted utility allowances and the proposed utility allowances from our study in an easy-to-read chart.


Utility allowance studies prepared by ResidentLife Utility Allowances® are presented in a professional report format, with tabs, which is easily reviewed and understood by Agency staff, concerned residents, and HUD engineering personnel.

Our report binder includes the following important information:

  • Objectives and methodology for conducting survey and study.
  • Overall results of survey and study (utility allowance schedule and comparison).
  • Rate calculation tables for each utility.
  • All support documentation.
  • Special bonus: A sample booklet entitiled "Residential Energy Conservation Guide"

For More Information:

Contact: Cheryl Lord
817-922-9000 ext. 139

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