Green Physical Needs Assessments

About Green Physical Needs Assessments (GPNAs)

The Nelrod Company and its certified staff have over 27 years experience in providing large, medium, and small agencies assistance in planning and implementing modernization programs. We assisted the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in developing the new Green Physical Needs Assessment tool and guidebook. All public housing agencies are required utilize this tool in conducting a comprehensive assessment of the physical condition of their housing stock, as well as, all sites and other facilities. Additionally, agencies are required to conduct energy audits of all developments. These audits must be performed by state licensed energy auditors or certified personnel with current credentials from a HUD recognized national building science accreditation body and meet new HUD standards. Results from energy audits must be incorporated into the GPNA

The Nelrod Company personnel are accredited building science professionals and have extensive experience conducting GPNAs and Energy Audits.


The Nelrod Difference… Trust in Excellence

  • Developed Patented Process for conducting physical inspections to promote energy efficiency and “green” building practices (U.S. Patent 7,389,157B2)
  • Developed web-based inspection software compatible with GPNA Tool to conduct field and apartment inspections for accurate results.
  • Helped develop and test HUD’s New Green PNA Tool while serving on the national HUD Contractor Team
  • Only Certified Building Science Professionals perform our assessments and audits
  • Comprehensive Executive Summary and Project Narratives with captioned photographs to support recommendations

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