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Public Housing and Section 8 Policies and Procedures

The Agency's Policies serve as the tools that govern the management and operation of the Agency’s housing programs. Utilized as management tools, the Policies will enable the Agency staff to respond to the needs of low income families by providing an organized method of actions to follow.

We recommend that each Agency establish a schedule to provide:

  • Current Policies updated with the most recent HUD regulations changes
  • Compliant notification for review and comment period (when applicable)
  • Timely adoption of the policies by the Board of Commissioners
  • Training to all agency staff in the areas of responsibilities assigned

During the development of policies, it is essential to address the Agency's local needs and practices. Our policy development specialists provide the Agency with a policy questionnaire to provide the information necessary to customize the Policies for their specific local needs. In addition, our staff ensures the Policy update is in agreement with the choices and statements made in the Agency’s corresponding PHA Plan.

The Nelrod team is ready, willing and able to provide the Technical Assistance expertise required in developing or updating the policies needed for your agency.

What policies does your Agency need? Use the Nelrod Policy Checklist to determine where the Agency stands, and contact us to assist in developing current and compliant policies.

Your Agency's policies and the Section 8 Administrative Plan are an important step for compliance and governance of your Agency... but to excel you need procedures to guide your staff's day to day operations. We offer a three tier process for our clients as illustrated in chart.

Public Housing Agency (PHA) Plans

The Agency Plan is the foremost essential tool of a PHA’s Management System. The Plan serves as a comprehensive guide to the PHA’s Policies, Programs, Operations, and Strategies for meeting local needs and goals.

The Nelrod Team offers a unique system to assist you in developing or updating the 5-Year and Annual Plans. In addition, we electronically transmit the Plans to HUD upon approval by the PHA Governing Board.

We provide expert guidance throughout the PHA Planning process. Our team has prepared over 750 Plans in the past 8 years, enhancing our expertise each year. Below are some of the tools provided to the PHA during the Plan preparation process that when utilized accordingly will keep the PHA compliant in administering the Plan process.

  • Eight-Tab PHA Plan Production Kit that includes tools to keep the PHA on track for timely submission of the Plan; assistance with preparation of Annual Statement, 5-Year Action Plan, Capital Fund Program reports;
  • Public Hearing Kit that includes sample advertisement and agenda, and permits PHA to document process;
  • Deconcentration and Income Mixing Kit that guides the PHA with data collection and the analysis process;
  • Resident Advisory Board (RAB) Annual Plan Compliance and Documentation Kit to guide the PHA in the annual RAB process and documentation of the process.
  • Three-Volume Binders with Table of Contents for PHA to utilize in displaying required documents.
  • Provide Technical Assistance to PHA in responding to any deficiencies HUD may contend

The Nelrod Team is there at every step to provide the Technical Assistance expertise required in preparation of the 5-Year and Annual Plans.

Consulting Services

We provide technical assistance in the Public Housing, Housing Choice Voucher, Project Based Voucher, RAD Occupancy, HUD Multifamily and Administrative areas. Below are just a few specific technical assistance topics.

Public Housing: Compliance assessments, Flat Rents, Quality Control Systems, VAWA, Preparation for HUD reviews, Resident issues, Management operations, Maintenance Plan, Maintenance reviews, Work Order systems, Designated Housing, Section 504 reviews, FSS

Housing Choice Voucher: SEMAP certification, HUD remote reviews, Compliance reviews, Moving to Work, VASH, Reasonable Rent, Quality control systems, Small Area FMR payment standards, VMS reviews, Landlord outreach, FSS.

Project-Based Voucher: Coordinate the PBV selection and HAP Contract process; Provide required documents and research; PBV documentation maintenance system, property management/HCV coordination.

RAD: Coordinate occupancy compliance, Waiting List conversion, PBRA vs. PBV, RAD PBV Administrative Plan, PBRA Tenant Selection Plan and other policies.

HUD Multifamily: Preparation for MOR, TSP – related advise, EIV Operations and Security, Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing, New Construction, Project Based Rental Assistance.

Administrative: Organizational Studies, Strategic Planning, Fair Housing, BOC, Staffing Levels, Work flows, Efficiency studies, Temporary executive and director staffing.

Our approach to consulting services is unique as it combines automated systems and close communication with Agency staff. We take the time to understand the Agency’s unique challenges. Then both web-based analytical systems and comprehensive consultation protocols are used to meet these challenges. Finally, after the consultation, we follow up to help ensure success.

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