Energy Code Inspections

International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) inspections are to ensure that required materials and equipment are properly installed at a residential or commercial site, and are in accordance with the approved building plans and documentation for that site.

During the plan analysis process, the specifications being installed pertaining to energy code compliance are recorded then the proper compliance reports are provided. Fox Energy Specialists provides 24 hour turn around for these requests. Our certified energy code inspectors can then use this information in the field to ensure that all of the features are being installed per the energy report and the building complies with the local or national codes.

Energy features to be inspected prior to insulation and sheetrock:

  • Air Sealing around plumbing and electrical penetrations, duct work, tubs, and perimeter joists and plates
  • Window SHGC and U-factors
  • Window Glazing Area
  • HVAC ductwork sealing and insulation
  • Any recessed can lights
  • Insulation R-Values

Energy features to be inspected at final inspection prior to move in:

  • HVAC equipment and minimum efficiencies
  • Multi-family units separately metered
  • Thermostat for each system
  • Weather stripping
  • Attic insulation levels

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