Technical Program Support

We provide program support services to the federal government under several IDIQ contracts. Currently, we are providing program support services to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of Public and Indian Housing (PIH), the Office of Policy, Program and Legislative Initiatives (OPPLI) and the Office of Native American Programs (ONAP).

The range of services include, but are not limited to: on-site technical assistance, the development and delivery of training, professional technical writing services, management analysis, research, assessments, evaluations, and seminar and conference support. Also, we provide services for: technical writing for the development and/or editing of handbooks, guidebooks, reports, notices and other documents; management analyses to determine the most efficient and effective research studies and program evaluations and services be undertaken in conjunction with very high priority studies on subjects which pertain to programs, policies, and issues related to the government’s mission and goals. Additionally, we provide technical assistance and training to HUD and local agency staff; develop videos, written documentation, and audio/visual presentations.

Other program support services and activities include:

  • Call Center and Clearinghouse services, including receiving, collecting, processing, developing, analyzing, assembling and disseminating information.
  • Development of videos for educational and/or marketing purposes, interactive computer and/or videoing training mechanisms, and duplication services on audio or videotapes and computer CD-ROM disks or regular diskettes.
  • Research studies, development of proposed legislative initiatives.
  • Conduct management analyses, special studies and reviews covering a wide variety of topics relating to such things as research activities and proposed legislation.
  • Provision of training, seminar and conference support and implementation, including but not limited to, the following: logistical support; travel or outside speakers and/or participants; marketing; development of agendas; written materials and presentations; and development of summary reports of proceedings.

For Native American Programs, we provide program support services such as:

  • Outreach Activities to tribes, Tribally Designated Housing Entities (TDHEs) and other interested parties.
  • Logistics for consultation or negotiated rulemaking sessions involving multiple tribal leaders, government officials, tribal legal counsel, and other interested parties. This includes program development, marketing, hotel and travel logistics, A/V needs, registrations, moderating sessions, recording and transcribing all sessions’ comments, recommendations and concerns, as well as, preparing final report(s).

For the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), we provided the following program support services:

  • Conference and Workshop logistical support including registration services, hotel/venue negotiations, participant travel arrangements, material distribution, speaker services and more.
  • Payment Processing Services including reviewing for accuracy all event expense documents, hotel and travel re-imbursement claims, speaker fees and expenses, and other expense items related to scores of conferences and workshops provided by DOL. Authorizing and making timely payments to all vendors, participants, and other related parties, as well as, preparing consolidated voucher for DOL processing.

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