Green Build Consulting

Until recently, Green Building was a concept that had little impact in the construction market. Green homes improve comfort and health by reducing allergies through excellent indoor air quality and eliminating mold and mildew, controlling heat-moisture and air movement, and by using materials which are durable, healthier and sustainable, when possible.

Of all the stages in the life of a building, the energy used in the operation phase has the greatest environmental impact. Focus on this consumption is extremely effective in reducing a building’s overall consumption.

Green home building uses building science techniques and materials to create homes that are healthy, clean, comfortable, efficient, and environmentally friendly. Fox Energy Specialists works closely with clients to integrate green building techniques into the building process and help focus on strategies that improves environmental performance.

We are dedicated to transforming the market by promoting high performance buildings that are built and operate in a manner that improves the health, well-being and productivity of the environment.

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