Fox Energy Specialists


Fox Energy Specialists offers a wide range of energy efficiency consulting services to our clients to help them make informed decisions. Our consulting services are designed to provide clients with reliable and unbiased information on product and equipment performance as well as alternatives and compliance requirements. To visit our website click here.

Residential Energy Testing, Inspections, and Ratings

Whether you are a single-family builder, multi-family builder or a homeowner looking to improve the energy efficiency of your home, Fox Energy Specialists is here to help.  We provide a variety of energy testing and inspection services in the residential marketplace. Click on a link above to determine what service works best for you.

Commercial Energy Testing and Inspections

Fox Energy Specialists offers energy performance testing, auditing, and thermography services for both existing and new commercial construction.

Our commercial energy testing services are designed to provide you with immediate energy saving opportunities and eco-friendly improvement options without the expense of having full-time energy engineers and managers monitor your building’s performance.

Government Energy Auditing, Testing, and Inspections

Facility improvement measures are an important part of becoming more energy efficient, and choosing the most cost effective improvements are paramount in attaining your goals to become a more energy efficient agency. Luckily there are many simple solutions Fox Energy Specialists can identify to maximize the efficiencies of your municipal buildings. For Federal Buildings visit our GSA page.

Weatherization is a great way for low income residents to control their energy costs.  Fox Energy Specialists helps many sub-recipients from the initial energy assessment to post inspection.

Affordable housing should be affordable and one of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to lower utility bills. Fox Energy Specialists performs energy audits on exiting housing or can step you through the process on how to build affordable housing developments “green.” Learn more... go to