EZ-Reasonable Rent Determinations

Have Your Rent Reasonableness Determinations Done the EZ Way!

All housing agencies are required to identify unassisted comparable rents and determine if rents paid to Landlords for assisted housing program participants are reasonable. This ensures only reasonable rent rates are approved by the Agency.

EZ-Reasonable Rent Determination is our automated solution to rent reasonableness studies developed by Rental Market and Compliance experts with more than 32 years of experience providing technical assistance and support to numerous small, medium, and large agency programs.

Our expert staff can provide your agency with a HUD compliant comparability study and web-based system to help make Rent Reasonableness Determinations as easy as 1, 2, 3...

The E-Z Difference...

EZ-RRD is more effective, more efficient, and provides more protections than other Rent Reasonableness Determination systems currently available.

Traditional manual Rent Reasonableness methods require several hours to make reasonable rent determinations, whereas our automated system provides complete and fully compliant Rent Reasonableness Determinations in minutes!

EZ-RRD compares more features per unit for a more in depth analysis, and automatically identifies the three best comparables based on the system’s objective market analysis.

Distinct System Advantage include:

  • Compliant and reliable
  • No software to install, upgrade, or maintain
  • 3rd party off-site quality assurance monitoring
  • System security and backup
  • Unlimited additional users and telephone technical support at no extra Agency cost
  • Proven time saving method - making determinations in minutes!
  • Five-method analysis system proven to provide accurate and justifiable reasonableness determinations
  • HAP reports
  • Management Planning Reports with auto Email option
  • File documentation pursuant to SEMAP regulations
  • Determination report review system
  • Passed both HUD Field office SEMAP and RIM reviews

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