Diamond RIM

Satisfy Your HUD Requirements for Quality Assurance!

The first HUD-compliant fully automated Income and Rent calculation quality assurance system developed by experts to perform federal program compliance audits and quality assurance reviews of tenant files.

Now available to Housing agencies to help reduce required quality control of tenant file reviews from hours to minutes.

The Diamond Rental Integrity Monitoring (RIM) System is the first ever fully automated income and Rent Calculation Quality Assurance system.

A self-contained web-based program satisfying HUD requirements for both quality control and file compliance, The Diamond RIM system can save your agency valuable time and money.

Detailed manual file reviews typically require 2 to 3 hours to complete a single compliant file review. With The Diamond RIM System your agency can upload PIC information and perform complete HUD file reviews in less than 20 minutes!

  • Review 50058 accuracy before submission, thereby ensuring a higher transmission rate
  • Identify isolated and systemic errors in verifications, utility allowances, rents, file maintenance, and other rental housing integrity issues
  • Evaluate individual staff and staff groupings.
  • Improve PHAS and SEMAP performance.
  • Avoid HUD sanctions.

The Diamond RIM Advantage...

Offering a distinct advantage, The Diamond RIM System compares entered information and current transmitted PIC data to perform comprehensive, fully HUD compliant Quality Assurance Reviews.

Our system allows agency staff to focus on annotating the file for a complete review, while the system automatically performs required calculations, comparisons, and assessments, as well as recommends additional forms as needed.

The Diamond RIM System can provide your agency with detailed reports and summaries of completed file reviews, as well as store results from previous years for later comparison.

Diamond RIM At A Glance

  • Proven time saving method
  • No software for the agency to install, upgrade, or maintain
  • System security back up
  • Online help screen
  • Unlimited additional users and technical support at no extra cost
  • Quickly Import PIC tenant data
  • Automated Management Reports
  • Automated Income and rent calculations
  • Automated mixed family rent calculations
  • Tenant File Error Identification
  • Tenant Rent Calculation errors
  • Verification analysis: agency wide or case worker
  • Passed HUD field office RIM reviews
  • Meets HUD-RIM requirements

Stop wasting valuable staff time performing tedious tenant files reviews…

The Diamond RIM System can help your agency perform complete and compliant file reviews in half the time!

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Note: Free Preview Username: DEMO; Password: DEMO.

For Preview Purposes ONLY, generic data from a fictitious agency is provided. Each Diamond RIM System client is provided with a unique custom database established for their specific needs.

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