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The Nelrod Company has operated Call Centers under various federal contracts, which have been established to assist with housing assistance programs involving federally declared disasters. Nelrod Call Centers utilize telephone, email, voice mail, and fax services and can operate processing centers in multiple locations due to our helpdesk technology and streamlined system of operations. Our Operators are fluent in English and Spanish, with translation services available for other languages as needed.

Under a previous contract in 2005, our call centers received nearly 160,000 phone calls in both English and Spanish, with a Customer Satisfaction Rate of 99.99%. These call centers assisted in the relocation of over 21,000 families to public housing agencies throughout the country. Good working relationships with the Federal Government and local PHA staff is our central theme throughout these operations.

The Nelrod Company strives to create the perfect support system to fulfill the needs and requirements you desire.

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