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Operational Support

ResidentLife Utility Allowances

Our popular ResidentLife Utility Allowance System has been the choice for hundreds of affordable housing agencies when it comes to calculating their projects' utility allowances. Our statistical approach does more than just meet all HUD requirements. Let us show you why hundreds have made the switch to ResidentLife...

AccuWage Salary Study

The AccuWage Division helps you pull the pieces together for integrated solutions to your organization's Salary Study, Job Description, and Personnel Policy needs. AccuWage analysts identify skills and abilities that are essential, required, and performed on a regular and continuous basis along with scope of authority and breadth of responsibility.

The Nelrod Consortium

The Nelrod Company offers a creative solution to the many frustrations encountered by public housing Executive Directors. Applying proven franchise business concepts to the public housing industry, The Nelrod Consortium offers a distinctive service delivery idea; a “partnership” between public housing agencies and one of the nation’s leaders in public housing technical assistance. Learn about utilizing our operational systems and processes to effectively run you agency.


FileSense can transform your files into a valuable, instantly retrievable resource. Utilizing our FileSense system can eliminate duplication of information, assure quick response to audits, and other activity related to compliance issues, as well as reduce disruption caused by staff turnover. Find out more...

Energy Efficiecy Testing

Qualified Energy Audit

24 CFR 965.302 requires that all PHAs complete an energy audit for each PHA - owned project no less than once every five years. For 21 years, our company has assisted over 2,350 public housing authorities and 35,400 individual clients for all of their affordable housing operational needs, including energy audits. Use our Qualified Energy Audit approach to meet requirements for your Public Housing Developments. Find out more...

Fox Energy Specialists

Fox Energy Specialists is Nelrod's energy efficiency services company that provides residential and commercial energy efficiency inspections, testing, ratings, as well as green building consulting and training services for homebuilders, homeowners, utility companies, and government agencies.

Web Systems

EZ-Reasonable Rent Determination

EZ-Reasonable Rent Determination... The country's first HUD compliant web-based rent reasonableness determination system. In compliance with suggestions listed in Notice PIH 2003-12, Notice PIH 2005-01 and Notice PIH 2005-09 concerning Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program cost reduction strategies. Agencies are utilizing this system because it takes less than one minute to perform a reasonable rent determination review.

Diamond RIM System

The Diamond RIM System is the first automated Income and Rent Calculation Quality Assurance system. A self-contained web-based program satisfying both HUD's quality control requirements and file compliance. Utilizing our system allows your agency to upload PIC information in less than 10 minutes, and complete a Fully Compliant HUD file review in less than 20 minutes (detailed manual reviews usually take 2-3 hours each), saving your agency valuable staff time. The system compares entered information to current PIC transmitted data and provides additional forms where needed. Find out more...

Meeting & Conference Planning


Our certified conference and meeting planners can handle small to very large events for public and private sector clients.We can assist clients in all aspects of event planning and logisitcs.


EZ-Steps Training

What is EZ-Steps Training? It is our simplified method for accomplishing everyday tasks. EZ-Steps provide training based on procedures proven to work in Housing Agencies throughout the nation. Our EZ-Steps trainers are hands-on experienced in program operations. Class participation and relevant questions are encouraged. Find out more...

The Nelrod Consortium

Through our partnership with Cisco Systems (one of the country’s largest IT companies), The Nelrod Consortium is proud to be utilizing a new high tech learning experience. This new technology provides state of the art audio and visual interaction that is easy to use. With this program, you are able to see and speak with the class teacher(s) without leaving your office! Originally created for internal use by Cisco, Our Partner Agencies were the first to incorporate this new tool into the Public and Indian Housing industry. These free Training Classes are offered as a benefit through Consortium Agreement. With this cutting edge technology, we are interacting and assisting our Partner Agencies like never before.

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