Small Area FMRs

Small Area FMRs


Easy and Compliant SAFMR Payment Standards

How is your Agency going to prepare and implement the SAFMR Payment Standards? Agencies must do them by April 1st. Other agencies may voluntary use them to make the best use of HAP Utilization.

We will use your eight years' experience preparing SAFMR Payment Standards to provide you with SAFMR Payment Standards table(s) that are easy and compliant. Staff will easily use and understand them, and they will be compliant with PS regulations and EHO regulatory intent.

Your Agency will receive:

  • SAFMR Payment Standards table(s)
  • Support documentation illustrating compliance
  • Narrative report to document compliant and best practice PS analysis
  • Analysis of Agency's Payment Standards operational needs
  • Customized Payment Standards development protocol

Contact Mark H. Vogeler at or by phone: 817-922-9000, ext. 117