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Our specialty is salary studies for local government agencies. AccuWage Certified HR Specialists provide clients with integrated solutions to meet their Organizational Structure, Compensation Analysis, Job Description, Personnel Policy and other Human Resource needs.  Our experts have more than 29 years of experience working with hundreds of housing agencies nationwide.

Compensation Analysis Available

AccuWage employs a trusted, proven method to compare benchmark prevailing wages in your specific local geographic area to assist in complying with HUD requirements.  A robust database system is used to draw proprietary wages/salary databases incorporating thousands of surveys from local private, public and government agencies and updated quarterly.  

  1. Executive Salary Comparability Study -  (Compliant with HUD’s Executive Salary Cap Requirements and with HUD 52725 Form.)  Provides Board Certification, and narrative report with Top Management Officer (Executive Director), Top Finance Director and Next Highest Paid Employee compensation comparables as required by current HUD and Appropriations Act Requirements. 
  2. Salary Study (Agency-wide) – Includes Organization Chart, database Comparables with nearest equivalent job summary, tables with low-to-high salary range percentage difference, incremental increase guides from entry level to maximum, current & recommended salary for each employee, as well as, recommended step in the compensation system.  Full narrative report including objectives, methodology, and a summary for the comprehensive wage survey database. 

Quick Turnaround · Affordable · Compliant

  • Local Data: We utilize a robust database system incorporating over 18,000 of wage/salary surveys from private & & public government agencies.
  • Fast & Cost Effective: Pay ranges available for over 6,611 jobs in over 8,300 cities. (No travel necessary)
  • Personalized: We restricts salary calculations to specific geographic area, industry, organization size, and planning date to ensure your study is for your agency & local area.
  • Compliant: Meets Federal, State, HUD’s Executive Salary Cap and Office of Management & Budget (OMB) Requirements.

What are people saying about our services?

“Many thanks to you and your staff for such a quick turnaround from the data that I sent you to the final report.”  
By Bill Morlock, Executive Director, Springfield Housing Authority

“The Nelrod Company responds to any of my needs, concerns, and questions quickly and calmly.  They help me stay focused on the mission of the Housing Authority.  I know each person at The Nelrod Company is always current on the ever-changing regulations which make me feel confident knowing I have the best policies and studies.”
By Debbie Eldredge, Executive Director, Sherman Housing Authority

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